The State of Goa is blessed with its sea beaches and rich cultural heritages. A state which may be much known among younger population for its scenic beauties, food and hospitality, but people also visit with much more enthusiasm to Lord Mangeshi, Goddess Shantadurga and Bom Jesus Basilica. Peace loving and law abiding citizen above all becomes gem in the crown of this State. Here at this point, it becomes duty and responsibility of Police to maintain a well balance law and order between modern day of Tourism along with its rich cultural heritage. Information technology have made police to be more alert in handling law/order, crime prevention and detection etc. Goa Police has always remained champion in handling its citizen and tourist problem in a better professional way. Technology is another area where police has to adopt very quickly, otherwise it will be late. I am happy to say that Hon'ble CM, Dr. Pramod Sawant has inaugurated super class cyber technology lab as to make strong crime detection system. The state is having a better system of CCTVs networks, which are more helpful in preventing and detecting crimes. Response time of our PCR vans, beat officers and SHOs are about 4/5 minutes. Goa has highest rate of detection. Its Crime Criminal Tracking Network System is excellent. Traffic is another area where more focus is required so as to make smooth traffic flow in the state. All beaches and hotspots have been provided strong presence of police and PCR vans. Police is also using private guards as eyes and ears. Goa Police has introduced its new Police Unit "Pink Force" as to provide friendly environment while dealing with victims of crime against women and children. This unit is dedicated especially for women and children of domestic violence, as well as beach patrolling. Goa Police vision and mission is to ensure safety and security 24×7 to its citizen with better responsive mechanism.