1. All the offenses booked under this Act. are tried in specially designated courts ie NDPS Court with Judge having rank of Sessions judge
  2. All the offenses under NDPS Act are of non-bailable nature
  3. Very strict punishment for the offenses under this Act ranging from 06 months minimum to maximum 30 yrs on the nature of offenses
  4. There is provision for death penalty for certain offenses after previous convictions, under NDPS Act
  5. There is provision for preventive detension
  6. There is provision for forfeiture of property.
  7. Cases under NDPS Act, are to be registered and investigated by Officers of and above rank of Police Sub-Inspector
  8. Fast disposal of cases, by NDPS Court.


DOs ...
  1. Inform the Police if you observe drug consumption or drug trafficking.
  2. Carry prescriptions of doctor in case you are under medication.
  3. Buy any drug ONLY from an authorised and licenced pharmacy and get cash memo for the same.
  4. Respect the laws of the land in which you are touring.


  1. Do not indulge in committing any act which might attract punishment under NDPS Act.
  2. Do not encourage touts and dubious persons in befriending you.
  3. Do not frequent Bars and Restaurants which you suspect encourage drug consumption.
  4. Do not buy any sort of drugs except on a prescription and from an authorised licenced pharmacy.
  5. Do not allow strangers or casual acquaintances to stay in your room. They might land you in trouble.
  6. Do not attend dubious parties such as acid parties. They are not authorised by the government and not recommended.
  7. Do not experiment with any foreign substances whether orally or intravenously