• Stop and help the injured. Under Section 134 of the Motor Vehicles Act, it is the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident to convey the injured to the nearest hospital/medical practitioner. The doctor in such a case shall be duty bound to provide medical aid without waiting for any procedural formalities.  


  • If the accident involves a vehicle carrying dangerous goods(oil tankers,chemical carriers ,etc.), keep everyone away. Do not let anyone smoke in the vicinity.


  • Offer medical assistance. If the person refuses medical assistance, try to obtain in writing   from the person that he does not desire any medical help.


  • Note down names and addresses of witnesses and registration numbers of vehicles passing by, these could prove useful during investigations.


  • If a policeman comes on scene, note his name and number as well and provide him with all possible details.


  • Do not move the vehicle - unless ordered by a police officer to do so / to remove a trapped person / to prevent obstruction to fire services or highway traffic. However if you have to move the vehicle mark the tire positions of the vehicles involved with the directions of their heading using a chalk or paint or any means for futher reference to the police investigation.


  • The victim and his relatives have a RIGHT to obtain the copy of the FIRST INFORMATION REPORT, PANCHNAMA,MEDICAL REPORT and other relevant documents for claiming compensation. The victim can move the MOTOR ACCIDENT CLAIM TRIBUNAL as prescribed by the law.