The Home Guards & Civil Defence Organisation was started in the year 1967 and the same was functioning under the Police Department. The Organisation was established in a full-fledged manner in the year 1981 with a separate Budget Head under the I.G.P. who was Ex-Officio Commandant General Home Guards and Director Civil Defence. Presently, the Organisation is functioning under the Director General of Police who is Ex-Officio Commandant General Home Guards and Director, Civil Defence, Goa.

The Civil Defence, as the name suggest, is a parallel line of defence, primarily manned by civilians and to be utilised not only during war time but also during peace time, especially for combating civil emergency and safeguard the civilian population in disaster and natural calamities. The main objective of Civil Defence is to save life, minimize damage to property and maintain continuity of production.

This organisation is a part of Police Force meant for auxiliary function of assisting the main Police Force by means of recruiting volunteers as Home Guards and they perform various functions at Police Station level and assist the Police in day-to-day functioning as well as during special occasion and law and order situations. The Civil Defence wing takes care of training of the citizens to react to the various emergencies like natural calamities, acts of war etc.