In several cases, citizens are unwilling to disclose information on locally witnessed crime incidents or accidents in fear of reprisals at the hands of criminal elements or the persons involved or in order to avoid attending courts etc. Sometimes there is information on very serious crime/accidents such as unauthorised weapons, narcotic drugs, explosives, contraband etc, information about vehicles involved in accidents and many a times description and identity of the perpetrators of the crime.Citizens are bound by law to convey such information to the Police. Please cooperate by kindly passing on such information to the Police immediately since delay can be fatal.

It may be remembered that every Citizen is a policeman without uniform and every Policeman is a citizen in uniform. Participation of members of public in police working is very important as it does not only help police but ultimately it helps the public only.

How people can help police :

They can help police in two ways :

  • In Investigation of crime :  In investigation people can pass on valuable information to police regarding :
  1. Description of the accused/suspects,
  2. Number and description of the vehicle involved in the crime and the direction in which it is speeding after the crime,
  3. Vehicle abandoned in a public place for a long time,
  4. Weapons,
  5. Explosives,
  6. Contrabands,
  7. Narcotic drugs, etc.
  8. Suspicious movements of strangers or known people.

The members of public are also advised not to handle anything or disturb the scene of offense till the arrival of police which helps in collecting valuable piece of evidence against the offender.

Citizens can call a  helpline number 112 and report any information in complete anonymity. The caller can give a fictitious birth date or identity number etc, which could be used as a code for identification for follow-ups on the crime and for any rewards that the caller may be eligible for.

  • In prevention of crime : In the prevention of crime also members of public can play a major role. Mere taking safety precautions in one's own interest amounts to a major contribution. The important tips for the members of public to be observed in their day to day life are given in the earlier paras.