Road Safety


Rules To Ensure Road Safety For Children:
  1. Know Your Signals.
  2. Stop, Look, And Cross.
  3. Pay Attention – Listen.
  4. Don't Run On Roads.
  5. Always Use Sidewalks.
  6. While at Crossroads, use Pedestrian Crossing.
  7. Never Stick Hands outside the Vehicle.
  8. Never Cross Road at Bends.


Bicycle Safety Tips


  1. Ride "with" traffic. Keep to the Left side of the road.
  2. Obey all traffic regulations.
  3. Use proper hand signals for turning or stopping.
  4. Stop and look both ways in order to make sure that sidewalks or streets are clear before entering a street.
  5. Walk your bicycle across busy streets at corners or crosswalks.
  6. Use proper headlights and a red tail light or reflector, when riding at night.
  7. Wear approved safety gear.
  1. Don't Show off. Keep your hands on the handlebars.
  2. Don't Zigzag, race or stunt ride in traffic.
  3. Don't Hitch rides on trucks or cars.
        Happy Riding