Public Grievances Cell

The Public Grievances Cell and National Human Rights Commission is functioning in the office of Director General of Police, PHQ, Panaji and it is headed by PI Vigilance under the supervision of IGP, Goa and SSP Vigilance, Panaji-Goa.


The Public Grievances Cell deals with the complaints received from members of the public against Public and complaints against Police. On receipt of the complaints, the same are sent to concerned District S.Ps for enquiry and for necessary action and acknowledgement is sent to the complainant/petitioner with instructions to contact the concerned District S.Ps for further information. However, in important and serious cases reports are collected from the concerned  SPs.


On receipt report the PI Vigilance is scrutinizing the same and if felt necessary, the aggrieved parties are called to re-ascertain the facts and find out if any contradictions are figuring in the enquiry report. Thereafter, the enquiry report is putup to superiors for their perusal and final decision. Reports are also being sent to Government if called for after obtaining approval of the superiors.


The Complaints against Police are being personally enquired into by Senior Police Officers and the enquiry reports is submitted to superiors and if felt necessary suitable action is recommended against the defaulter Policemen.

The Complaints received through National Human Rights Commission are being personally enquired into by concerned S.Ps and enquiry report is submitted to superiors and after obtaining necessary approval from the superiors a detailed factual reports is sent to N.H.R.C.


Role of Vigilance
  1. Absolute clarity about organisation set up and its activities.
  2. Sense of belonging.
  3. Loyalty to the organisation as a body.
  4. Work as per laid down procedure and systems.
  5. Any abnormal thing coming to your notice to be reported to your senior and incharge vigilance in writing as source report.
  6. Remain alert about result of inquiries vis-a-vis source report.
  7. Don't make any compromises on integrity - both mental as well as physical.
  8. Solicit public cooperation especially from those who interact with your organisation directly and indirectly.
  9. Act with credibility ensuring credibility of the organisation.
  10. Identify areas of activities which have potentiality of corruption/ground practice and keep a watch.