Forensic science is the application of science and technology to the detection and investigation of crime. Forensic science is helping to get justice. It has significantly improved the judicial procedure with the help of examination of crime exhibits using modern and advanced technology.

Forensic Science Laboratories play a vital role in resolving civil and criminal cases. The main function of forensic science laboratories is to provide unbiased scientific opinion on the different types of evidential material referred to them by the investigating agencies and in turn help judiciary.


Services available at Forensic Science Laboratory, Verna

  • ​​Forensic analysis and examination of exhibits relating to Forensic Chemistry (Toxicology) and Biology/Serology etc.
  • Examination of Scene of crime for detection in Theft, Robbery, Burglary, Murder etc.​
  • ​Examination and opinion of Finger Prints taken from scene of crime
  • ​​In service training to I.O.s


►The Forensic Science Laboratory, Verna, Goa is at developing stage. Soon, forensic divisions like Cyber Forensics, Document Handwriting, Ballistics, Lie-Detections, Audio/Video and Tape Authentication and other physical examination of exhibits referred by investigating agencies etc., will be made available at FSL, Verna.