Police Photography Unit


Police Photography Unit provides services for the following:

  1. Visiting Scene of crimes all over Goa in Jurisdictions of all the Police Stations in Goa to collect and visually communicate scene of offence by the mean of photography and to assist Investigator in investigation and detection of Crimes under Indian Evidence Act to remain available as and when duties are required.
  2. During Law and Order Bandobast (Morchas, Rallies, etc.)
  3. Post Mortem Examination / Inquest Panchanama
  4. During Raids conducted by Anti-Corruption Branch / Crime Branch
  5. During Inventory proceedings of drawing of representative samples and certification before Magistrate in respect of exhibit concerned in ANC and all Police stations
  6. During V.V.I.P. and V.I.P. visits (Bandobust), etc.
  7. During Recruitment process in Police Department
  8. Assembly Bandobust Duties
  9. Election duties
  10. Parades
  11. Departmental functions
  12. Conferences / Meetings / Sports etc.