Police Control Room

DIAL 112



State Police Control Room, is situated at Police Head Quarters, Panaji. The unit provides 24X7 assistance to public in need and
distress by quickest means and in minimum possible time. The unit consists of call centre of Police Help Line such as Dial-112,
senior Citizen's Helpline -1090, Woman's Helpline -1091, Coastal Terror Helpline – 1093.The need of general public for Police
assistance received over call through these help line, is attended with the help of PCR vans, Highway patrol vehicles and local
police. Besides this, the unit also seeks help from other emergency service provides such as Fire & Emergency Service-101,
Ambulance service EMRI-108, Coast Guards etc, to ensure relief and rescue measures on receipt of information.

The unit also operate Vigilance Helpline -7030100000, with WhatsApp application, wherein general public can complaint against
the act of corruption by police personnel. There are 54 PCR vans and 10 Highway Patrol vehicles operated from SPCR, Panaji,
to provide assistance to public while in distress and to maintain vigil in the society.

Office tel. No.0832-2428400/ 2428967

Fax. No. 0832-2428489

Control Room Officer Mb. No. 7875756000


Dial -112

Senior Citizen's Helpline -1090

Women's Helpline -1091

Coastal Terror Helpline-1093

Vigilance Helpline – 7030100000